About Us

When established in 2003, EMBOSS was an expression of over 10 years of experience, reflection and action combined with a desire to redefine excellence in the Pre-press Solutions space.

EMBOSS is a complete service provider for all publishing needs in the contemporary electronic era. Our initial markets are Scientific, Technical, Medical, Reference, and Educational publishing. Fueled by a passion for business excellence and driven by sound human values, EMBOSS stands out as a unique firm in its own right.

Building the efficiencies continuously, committing based on the efficiencies and delivering on the commitments have been the hallmarks of EMBOSS's business practice and success story.


Our staff is our pride. We have the right blend of human resources, conventional and contemporary, who are always willing with a 'get-the-job-done' attitude. Our experienced-yet-young group has a knowledge of the evolution of the pre-press industry. Precisely for this very reason we possess the abilities to effectively function and fulfill the contemporary and conventional requirements of publishers. We are all graduates and postgraduates with a variety of educational backgrounds, industry-authentic skills and expertise.

Product Guarantee

Electronic checking at every stage of production process ensures data accuracy with minimal manual intervention. Optical character recognition supported by pattern error checking/testing routine and double keyboarding/ electronic compare at the initial stage, preflighting end products with stipulated parameters are many of the structured policies we adhere to. A strict checklist is customized and utilized on each project by our quality assurance team.

Transparancy at different levels

More than technology-driven processes, it is really our ultimate interest for our customers that pushes us to create a quality-conscious process, a process based on common interests and understanding for long lasting association. The quest is always to give our the best for less, every action based on trust and accountability. Adopting attitudes and approaches, group discipline, personal involvement, and quick learning are qualities in practice. We see this to be our unique selling point, that gives us the advantage of delivering excellence with minimum expansion; and this, in return, allows for mutual benefits at all levels.

Commitment from the management along with dedicated participation from the employees at different levels has enabled EMBOSS to improve quality and service on a regular basis and for our company to continuously succeed.

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