Data Services

EMBOSS offers typesetting services for books, journals and catalogues. The typesetting process in EMBOSS is a formalized and structured procedure of managing change. The focus is on accomplishing defined goals to achieve planned outcomes.

EMBOSS performs a full range of pre press services including copy editing and typesetting for educational, STM books and journals. We do typesetting in Quark, InDesign, PageMaker, TeX, LaTeX and MS-Word. We use TeX especially for books and Journals that contains a complex mathematics''.

We are compatible with most DTP applications like Quark XPress, InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Word and many other packages.

EMBOSS Typesetting services are characterized by:

1. Scheduling for and tracking the progress of the various stages of production – sample preparation and approval, copyediting, artwork processing, composition, corrections, final PDFs in books; schedule maintenance at all production stages and issue compilation for journals.

2. Coordinating with the publisher, author, compositor, proofreader, indexer.

3. Scheduling between author, proofreader and compositor, for quick and efficient processing.


EMBOSS provides Subject and Author Indexing services for Books and Journals.

Proof Reading

We do in house proofreading, including comparing a typeset text with the source text, ensuring there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or misunderstandings. A proofreader will also consider the style and vocabulary of the translation and may make constructive suggestions to improve the syntax and clarity of the text. All our proofreading assignments are handled by independent native translators, who are specialized in the subject areas.

Foreign language and non-English typesetting

EMBOSS has the experience and the expertise in handling typesetting assignments in French, German, and Spanish - other languages available upon request

Work Flow


Graphics Design

Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The professionals works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography.

Our graphic team covers the complete range of design services for books and journals, to include the origination, production, and maintenance of inside and outside covers and everything in between.

We have professional expertise in logo design, stationery, brochures, image cut outs, animation, presentations, web design and development, database-driven websites with content management systems, and almost any other piece related to graphic design or web programming. Our thorough research into your markets and competitors ensures your design will be unique, balanced and well targeted.

WE DO: Web Design - Banners - Brochures - Catalogs - Flyers - Templates - Icons - Illustrations - Posters – Presentations – Event Materials – Product Packaging Design - etc.,

Web Design

EMBOSS offers comprehensive web services ranging from custom built websites, portals and web applications. We at EMBOSS specialize in providing our customers with the right solutions. Our team tends to work as clients' firm which makes us understand their business well. Thereby, we are able to provide the best available solutions to the customers.

Every company involved in development process has its own methodology, so has EMBOSS, India. Developing information for the Web requires a focus on meeting a client's requirement. Our development team has creative and technical talent to provide a full spectrum of website, programming, web design services and e-commerce solutions to make your website design user and SEO friendly.


We will help you develop a message and image that will demand attention and promote substantial benefits to your target audience which will in turn increase your business significantly.

We design and deliver in following categories
  • Promotions
  • Branding
  • Publication


We give life and shape to the architect's design. Our team will help you to pre-visualize and design any architectural projects. Be it a big township, an apartment, or commercial buildings

Our expertise in 3D rendering
  • Residences
  • Apartments
  • Residential layouts
  • Commercial buildings


Corporate presentation represents you, your company, your products, your infrastructure, and ultimately your identity as a whole. As you know the first impression creates the lasting impression. At EMBOSS we specialize in creating world-class corporate impressions.

Presentations from concept to completion, which includes:
  • Narration
  • Live videos
  • 3d and 2d animations
  • Voice over
  • Interactivity

Content management

EMBOSS offer content classification, cleansing, extraction, normalization and enrichment services for prospective clients using UNSPSC, eCl@ss etc. in various domains like MRO, healthcare, chemicals, IT and office supplies for the purpose of spend analysis and for publishing either as hard copy or as an electronic catalog.

Data classification

We provide classification services to classify the products and services to standard schemas such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss etc.

We also provide classification services to classify the products and services to any proprietary schema of manufacturer/supplier in MRO, healthcare, chemicals, IT and office supplies domains.

Data cleansing

We specialize in data cleansing process like item identification which includes identifying the noun and modifier, de-duplication wherein duplicate data like part no or description is removed through automated process, arranging the description as per customer guidelines or specifications, attribute extraction and normalization. This process also involves formatting the data so that attributes such as product, brand name, manufacturer's name, part number etc. are standardized to customer specifications.

Data enrichment

We offer data enrichment, which involves sourcing content like web search, manual sourcing like published catalogs to capture product descriptions. The sourcing of information can be done by visiting the manufacturer's or supplier's website. After downloading the data, based on the customer guidance the data is arranged and attributes values are placed accordingly to respective attributes.

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